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Kosten und Honorarvereinbarung


A lawsuit in court can become expensive very quickly. Hiring an attorney in good time will help you avoid frustration and save costs.

After you have explained your problem, ask for an idea of the fees and costs anticipated for attorney's services. You will have to remunerate for the entire attorney's efforts, including the initial consultation. The payment is in principle subject to the value-added tax, which will be charged in addition.

Should disagreements about the attorney's fees ever arise, you can petition for a review of the invoice by the Fees Commission of the Zurich Bar Association. However, the Fees Commission is not authorized to review the quality of the attorney's activity.

A party without means is entitled to petition for free legal representation in connection with a pending court proceeding. The prerequisites are that the party must be an indigent person who needs an attorney to manage the litigation and that the litigation is not hopeless. If the party gains assets due to the outcome of the litigation or in other ways, a retroactive payment obligation is established.

Agreement on Legal Fees

An agreement on legal fees is to be reached directly with your attorney. The applicable hourly rates may differ from firm to firm, and are based on factors such as the complexity of the issues raised; particular expertise; the significance of the case or amount in dispute; particular language skills; and demonstrated legal experience. Secretarial support is generally included in the legal fees. Expenses are charged either on an as-spent basis or as a flat percentage of the legal fees. It is also permissible to agree on an all-inclusive flat fee for a particular mandate.

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