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Membership Eligibility

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I am opening an office together with another attorney. Do we both have to become members of the Zurich Bar Association?
Yes. As soon as someone in your law office is a member of the Zurich Bar Association, then the other attorneys must also become members (§ 3 Abs. 2 Statuten).

I plan to open an office together with an economist who is not a licensed attorney. Can I do that as a member?
Members can form partnerships with professionals who are not attorneys, as long as their services are in close connection with those of the attorney (§ 3 Abs. 2 Statuten).

I recently passed the Bar Exam and I am starting a job in the legal department of a bank. Can I become a member of the Zurich Bar Association?
No. Only attorneys who practice law in the Canton of Zurich either on their own or as employees of attorneys who are themselves members of the Zurich Bar Association can become members. Attorneys, even though licensed as attorneys, who serve as legal counsel or consultants for a business do not meet these requirements.

I am admitted to a foreign bar. Can I become a member of the Zurich Bar Association?
Yes, if you have a business domicile in Zurich or are employed by a Zurich law firm and, in addition, are registered in the list as per art. 28 BGFA or registered in a cantonal attorneys' register.

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