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Committee on Ethical Rules

If so petitioned, the Ethics Court will review and evaluate the members of the Zurich Bar Association in the light of professional requirements, or in other words of attorneys' rules of conduct. In cases of misconduct, the Ethics Court may impose severe sanctions or petition the governmental Supervisory Commission for an indictment.

lic.iur. Gabrielle Mazurczak
Seefeldstrasse 45, Postfach 1722, 8032 Zürich
Telefon +41 44 219 66 44, Fax +41 44 219 66 11

Vice Chair
Dr. Ernst F. Schmid

Dr. Paul Baumgartner
lic.iur. Renata Brianza
lic.iur. Thomas Fingerhuth
lic.iur. Yvona Griesser
lic.iur. Daniel Hochstrasser
Dr. René Strazzer

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